Best Baby Changing Table Australia 2020 – Useful Reference for Your Shopping

Baby change table is a must buy when you have a newborn. Looking for the options of baby change table in Australia?

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Here we compile the list of best baby changing tables in Australia for you:

1. Love N Care Omega Change Table

With this changing table, you can grab everything you need quickly while changing the nappies. It has plenty of storage to put nappies, tissues, towels, and other things.

It also at the ideal height, so you don’t need to bend down much, reducing the risk of back pain.

You can easily move it anywhere you like, with its 4 wheels.

And you won’t need to be confused about which pad to buy that fits, as the pad is already included in the package. The pad is very easy to clean by wiping it.

Best of all, this baby changing table is more affordable and with better customer reviews than others.

Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest was brought to life, and has now become an essential item for all parents wanting their Little Baby Paw to be comfortable in their highchair.

2. Tasmaneco Capri 3 Drawer Chest

You can change the nappies on this sturdy chest with 3 drawers. Would be great especially if you have a small space. You won’t need to have 2 separate spaces for the drawer and changing table. It comes with a 5-year warranty. However, you will need to buy the pad by itself, as it is not included in the package.

3. Boori Tidy Changer

If you are looking for a stylish baby change table, look at this one. You can easily put and grab the things you need too. And it is easy to clean.

4. Childcare Baby Change Table with Bath

Save your money for buying a baby bath and a baby bath stand (which can cost another $80). This changing table comes with a bath and a stand.

5. Keezi Nursery Change Table Chest with Drawers

Keezi  Change Table with Drawers - White

You can keep everything organised with this chest with drawers and change table on top. With 5 drawers and 4 open shelves.

6. Valco Baby Pax

If you are looking for a portable change table, which can be folded for easy storage, you might want to consider this one. It is the best changing table for a small space.

You might have known Valco, a well-known brand for baby products, especially for its pram.

However, this changing table can only hold a maximum weight of 10 kg. So when your baby has grown bigger, you cannot use this change table.

7. Boori 3 Tier Changer

Another changing table from Boori. This one is with 4 lockable castor wheels, so you can move it easily around the house.

The frame is made from Australian Araucaria timber and coated with a water-based bio-paint.

You can choose any of these 4 colour options: cream, white, almond, or coffee.

It comes with a three year manufacturer warranty.

8. Alua Baby Changing Table

This baby changing table comes with three cloth drawer and a basket.

It is made from solid wood and meets all safety and anti-tip standards. It can carry up to 29 kg of weight, so you can still use this changing table even when your baby is a toddler or up (but I don’t think you will change your toddler’s nappies on a changing table anyway).

Even if you are not using it as a changing table, you can still use it as a laundry basket as well as bathing items or anything else.

It also can be used as a massage table for your baby.

9. Babyworth Change Table

This change table will be perfect for those who are looking for an affordable baby changing table. It is suitable for baby up to 12 months.

How to Choose a Baby Change Table

Baby changing tables are widely used equipment for babies for the sake of ease of care. You shouldn’t choose this product carelessly because it is related to babies. For this, follow some tips on how to choose a baby change table below.

1.     Choose Quality Materials

Choosing quality materials is very important to ensure safety. If you choose products with materials that are not of high quality, then changing the table is easy to rot and dangerous for the safety of the baby.

For that, it’s a good idea to choose a changing table made of the strong wood. You also have to make sure the wood that is used as strong support either from the same wood or metal.

You can also choose a changing table with a guardrail to prevent your baby from rolling over. This can be helpful when you change and groom your baby. Make sure to check that there are no exposed nails as this could injure the baby or yourself.

2.     Check the Height

The changing table is useful to help you take care of your baby. If the changing table height is not suitable, then you will be in trouble. You must find a changing table with a suitable height so that it does not burden your back when changing baby clothes.

The changing table size that is too low will make it difficult for you to take care of the baby. Even a table that is too low will give you back problems. If you don’t immediately change the size to the right height, then the possibility of your waist disorder will get even more broken.

3.     Choose The Design

Finding a dressing table design that fits your décor is not difficult. You can buy a baby changing table to suit any style you want. Currently, there are various kinds of changing table models that can be chosen according to individual tastes.

You can choose a changing table that is flat, contoured, four-sided or disposable. So, you don’t have to worry about style. Whatever style you choose, choose a design that is complete with shelves, drawers, cages, or a combination of these features.

You can also choose from the multi-drawer feature as it can accommodate burp, extra sheets, clothes, toys, and more. If you choose a changing table with open shelves, you will have to use a basket or trash can to organize supplies.

For the sake of completing a model like this, you can add a basket that is sturdy and sized just right. For security, you can look for a changing table that has a barrier on four sides. You can also choose products that have a holding barrier made of rails or wooden sides.

4.     Consider Its Storage

Baby changing tables that are equipped with shelves are popular because they are very helpful to anyone. The shelf that is presented serves to store various baby needs, making it easier for you to reach diapers and clothes.

Choosing a changing table complete with storage racks will make it easier for you because you no longer need to look for additional baskets to store. The storage position under the counter will help you quickly retrieve the supplies you need.

It is some tips about how to choose a baby changing table that can you try. Whatever you choose, you have to ensure safety features.