Best Baby Playmat in Australia 2021 – For Hardwood Floors, Foam Play Mat, For Crawling and Tummy Time

Are you looking for the best playmat in Australia?

This is the list of the best baby playmats we recommend:

Best Foam Play Mat for Baby: Gupamiga

Best Water Play Mat for Baby: Large Inflatable Water Mat

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Best Foam Play Mat for Baby


A foam play mat is is the best play mat to be used on hardwood floors and tile floors, as it is soft, making it is safer when your baby falls.

Although this large foam play mat (144.78 x 193 cm) is much cheaper than other large foam play mats, purchasers are really happy with their purchase. At current time of writing, it has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, from 3002 purchasers.

Unlike other large play mats, with this playmat you can easily fold and bring it. It is very light, only 1.77 kg. You can use it both indoor and outdoor. Perfect for a picnic too. It is easy to clean (using wet cloth) and is waterproof.

Best Water Play Mat for Baby

Large Inflatable Water Mat

A water play mat can extend belly time by 15 minutes. However, other water mats normally come in a smaller size that only fits one baby laying down still. So it is only suitable for baby under 7 months old, as older babies love to move around.

But this water mat allows your baby to move around. You can also sit on it, as the mat is big enough (100 x 80 cm).

This water mat has 34 colours, helping to develop your baby’s brain muscles and bones through hand-eye coordination and color recognition training process.

Don’t worry that the water mat will leak, as it has a double leak protection.

How To Choose A Baby Play Mat

Every parent would want to always provide the best for their children according to their development. When babies begin to learn to walk on all fours, they will usually need a playmat that can make them safer when they fall.

Playmats are a solution for parents who want to provide the best safety when their children are crawling to develop their motor skills. So that parents must provide the best play mat with quality that doesn’t disappoint. Well, if you want your baby to stay safe from dangerous chemicals, then you can pay attention to the tips on how to choose a baby play mat below.

1.     Ensure the Size Required

The first thing you have to do when buying a play mat is to determine the size. You must be able to correctly identify how much space is available to put a playing mat. With the right measurements, you can estimate how big and how long the playmats you will buy.

You have to consider this size with different baby activities, such as baby activity while on his stomach, rolling over, learning to sit, crawling, walking and running. If you choose a play mat without considering the activities that are usually done by babies, then chances are that the playmats you have will be smaller than what you need.

Therefore, you should choose a playmat that is large enough so that your baby can roll over comfortably. When babies are comfortable, they will eventually learn how to crawl and walk more safely.

2.     Prioritize Physical Security

In choosing a play mat, you must be able to prioritize the physical safety of the baby. When babies are in the developmental stage of learning to walk, they will certainly fall to the floor more often because they are not able to walk upright steadily. For that, you need to pay attention to how much playmat you will choose for the baby who falls.

Should you choose a thick product or a thin one? You must answer this question according to what your baby needs. Instead of your baby feeling pain from falling on a hard mat, you can cover it with a thicker play mat. Thick playmat products will help reduce the impact of falls caused when your little one starts learning to crawl, stand and walk.

A playmat that has sufficient thickness can not only be used as a base but also comfortable to wear for naps. But that doesn’t mean thin playmats are a bad thing. Playmat products with a thin size will be very comfortable to use for walking and sitting, so they are more suitable for toddlers and older children.

You cannot expect it to provide a cushion when your little one falls so it is not suitable for use by babies who are not yet able to walk perfectly. So, what can you do? The answer is that you can choose a thick playmat to protect your baby from bumps while still trying to learn to stretch, stand and walk. However, if the baby is getting older, you can choose a thin playmat to protect toddlers who can walk stably.

3.     Ensure Material Safe

Providing play mats for babies or children must contain safe materials. If the material used is not safe, it will endanger the health of the baby. Most parents will choose a waterproof playmat because it is considered easier to care for.

A waterproof playmat will be easier to clean than one that isn’t. For each playmat product, it is usually made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Thermoplastic Polyutherane (TPU) material. PVC is the third most commonly used synthetic plastic but it is dangerous and toxic because it is produced from local waste materials. This is the reason why PVC gives off such a bad smell.

PVC is made of additional hazardous chemicals such as phthalates, dioxins, vinyl chloride, and so on. This PVC material can increase flexibility which greatly affects the quality of the play mat. Even so, play mats with PVC material can be dangerous for babies because they release toxic substances that can be absorbed by babies.

Meanwhile, TPU is a material that uses much less chemical plasticizer additives than PVC and has higher durability. This prevents the TPU from emitting toxic gases without accidental heating. So that the TPU material for the playmat is more precisely chosen to meet the needs of babies who are more environmentally friendly.

You should make sure to choose products with safe materials for the safety of your baby. PVC may be suitable for your baby who is growing up because it is harder and does not tear easily, so it is more suitable for active and adventurous children to wear. The double-sided silicone play mat is a very durable and environmentally friendly product.

4.     Adapt to Child Development

When choosing a play mat for your child, it means that you also have to be able to understand what the child needs. Choosing a playmat that is appropriate for the child’s stage of development will help the child grow and develop more optimally.

How do you choose a playmat that suits your child’s development? You can choose a playmat that is a source of development for the child’s mental state. You can choose a playmat with an alphabet and letters suitable for use with children who are starting to learn to read. As for children who are still in the infancy stage, you can choose a playmat with a variety of decorations and cheerful colours.

A selection of pictures consisting of roads and buildings will be a good choice for babies and toddlers who are learning to walk. This is because the baby will have a feeling of wanting to push the vehicle around the road. You can also choose a playmat with a puzzle design to training your child’s motor and cognitive abilities.

Whatever form and design of the playmat you choose, you must be able to adjust the stages of your child’s development. Besides, you also have to adjust it to your financial situation so you don’t spend too much money. By paying attention to how to choose a play mat above, you can get a product that matches what you want.