Best Play Kitchen in Australia 2021

A play kitchen not only keeps your little one busy, it actually also develops their creativity and imagination, language and communication, social skills and teamwork (if she plays with her sibling or friend), planning and organisation skill, as well as life skills.

5 best play kitchens in Australia:

  1. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen
  2. Kidkraft Gourmet Chef Play Kitchen
  3. Keezi Play Kitchen
  4. Keezi Pink Play Kitchen
  5. HekJils Play Kitchen

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1. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

This is the best seller play kitchen on Amazon. Not only because it is offered with Free Delivery and Vintage style, but there are also so many things to play with. There is a water dispenser, sink, oven, stove, microwave, and even a phone.

There are working oven knobs with a click when turned. And there are many doors to open and close, including refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, and cabinet. With the see-through middle and open shelve, your little one can display their serve-up food or put the bowls or plates like in the real kitchen.

The sink is removable and easy to clean.

This play kitchen is made by durable wood, which are long-lasting materials.

There are 4 colour options: red, white, pink, or navy.

2. Kidkraft Gourmet Chef Play Kitchen

Another fun play kitchen from KidKraft. But this one is more colourful with soft colour tone.

This play kitchen consists of an oven, a fridge, a sink, and a microwave. It also comes with a spoon, a spatula, and a pot holder.

3. Keezi Play Kitchen

Similar to KidKraft, this Keezi play kitchen also comes with a fridge, a phone, a water dispenser, a stove with two burners, a storage shelf, a microwave, hooks to hang utensils, a tap and sink, a storage cabinet and an oven.

4. Keezi Pink Play Kitchen

This sweet pink play kitchen from Keezi is made from solid wood and MDF board, makes it more durable.

It comes with a water dispenser, a fridge, a stove with two burners, a phone, a microwave, hooks to hang utensils, a tap and a sink, an oven and storage shelves.

5. HekJils Play Kitchen

If you are looking for a play kitchen under $60, this play kitchen might be the one.

This play kitchen has a pretend sink with running water, as well as a pretend stove with lights, music and cooking sounds.

Your kids can also learn to write. It comes with a pad that can be written on, to write a menu, or anything else.

How To Choose A Play Kitchen

Providing a play kitchen for children would affect to boost the creativity of the children. They would become more imaginative and creative while using a play kitchen. The children would have the ability to mix and match the ingredients to cook and create their own stories. They would tend to imitate and adapt things that usually anyone is doing while in the kitchen.

If you are willing to have a play kitchen as a gift for your cousin or even your children, make sure to consider things as below. Every little thing given to the children will be very impactful towards their growing period.

1.     Materials Used

Most of the play kitchens are made of plastic and wood. As for the plastic play kitchen, they usually durable and tough. They are available in lots of different cute designs and colors for children. Besides, they do not cost pricey as well.

While they tend to be lack sturdiness and perfect detail of the shape. On the other side, you can find details and a better appearance on the wooden play kitchen as is usually handmade. It is well carved to achieve the proper one as to how the real is. So, they would cost higher than the plastic one.

2.     Features and Accessories

The details of the features and accessories of the play kitchen are also necessary to be considered. You don’t have to provide the complete set of play kitchens as it is in a real kitchen. There are lots of options of play kitchen set with beginner items of kitchen and ingredients stuffs.

It has the function to let them know the kitchen items to the children. So, they would be able to place things in the kitchen. Moreover, they would also determine the specific things that are supposed to be stored in the kitchen only.

3.     Size

The size of the play kitchen would help the children to play with comfort. It is usually attached to the label that the age of the children who are suitable to play. As the seller has also considered the size of the items, so, the children would be able to handle the items perfectly while playing.

The perfect size would give a more enjoyable moment for the children while recognizing items that are supposed to be in the kitchen. It would also help the children to determine things that are specially designed for them. As the result, they would be able to conclude that the real kitchen has not been a suitable one for them yet.

4.     Kid’s Interest

It would such a wonderful moment to see the children are happy with your present. Thus, if you are willing to give a play kitchen for children, make sure that it is related to their interest. Moreover, you would also be able to consider the details of the play kitchen set that suits their interest.

The best play kitchen for children does matter to be considered. Their process of learning things and determine are important to be guided.