Best Steam Ovens in Australia 2021

Steam ovens retain food moisture, as well as vitamins and minerals, better than other ovens.

Which one is the best steam ovens in Australia in 2021? Here is our list:

Best Combi-Steam Oven Australia: Bosch 60cm Combi-Steam Oven Black

Best Budget Steam Oven: Westinghouse 60cm Electric Oven with Steam

Best Combi-Steam Oven Australia

Bosch 60cm Combi-Steam Oven Black

Best Combi-Steam Oven Australia

We choose this Combi-Steam Oven as the Best Steam Oven in Australia 2021 because:

  • At the current time of writing, it has a perfect customer rating of 5.0 out of 5.0. Every purchaser is happy with this oven
  • Its Full Steam mode retains more vegetables’ nutrients, flavors and color. It also offers the steam function with sous-vide for a gentler, healthy food preparation keeping food juice throughout.
  • Even heat distribution with its 4D Hot Air technology. So no matter which shelf you put on, it will still get the heat evenly.
  • With Bosch Assist, you can have automatic setting of the optimal type of heat, temperature and time for your dishes
  • EcoClean Direct saves your time and energy for cleaning the oven. While it bakes or roasts, the special direct coating of microfine ceramic particles on the oven cavity walls absorbs grease and residue and breaks them down through oxidation.
  • Comes with:
    • 1 x Size S Punched Steam container
    • 1 x Size XL Punched Steam container,
    • 1 x Size S Unpunched Steam container,
    • 1 x Grill tray,
    • 2 x Grid,
    • 1 x Sponge, and
    • 1 x Universal pan

Best Budget Steam Oven

Westinghouse 60cm Electric Oven with Steam

Best Budget Steam Oven

The reason we select this Westinghouse 60cm Electric Oven with Steam as the Best Budget Steam Oven:

  • It has an outstanding average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, according to Google which compiles reviews from everywhere on the web
  • With EasyBake + Steam function, you can get a better rise, crispier crust, fluffier center, and tastier textures for your bread, pastries, cakes, and puddings
  • Offers SteamAssist clean, which is a 30 minutes light oven cleaning that is chemical free using water and vinegar steamed, to soften the grime in the oven for easy cleaning.
  • With AirFry function for healthier cooking with almost no oil needed
  • Comes with telescopic runners
  • A big capacity of 80L

How To Choose A Steam Oven

Steam ovens are the best choice for cooking a variety of foods. When you decide to buy a steam oven, pay attention to the following tips how to choose a steam oven to get a product that suits your needs.

1.     Get a Detail Information About The Price

When going to buy something, finance is the most important thing you have to think about. Steam oven products are included in the expensive product line offering a wide variety of advantages. If you are considering buying a steam oven, of course, you will have prepared a fair amount of funds.

Since steam ovens are an expensive product, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest product on the market. We recommend that you choose products with an average price when you are going to buy because the price you pay will be worth what you get.

2.     Check Features

Because it includes expensive equipment with sophisticated technology, the steam oven has modern features. You have to check all the features offered, from button functions, security, cleaning to the ease of the cooking process.

For the button function feature, you can select the button function using easy control. In sophisticated products, you will find touch screen buttons that are easy to use. Make sure all the function keys are presented that you can use easily and do not make you confused.

You also have to pay attention to safety features so that during the cooking process you avoid problems that may occur such as being stung by heat, for example. Ensuring this heat-resistant safety feature will protect your skin from hot burns that can occur at any time.

As for the cleaning feature, you can choose a steam oven that offers an easy maintenance process. Today there are steam ovens that have a self-cleaning process that runs automatically keeping the oven looking clean and new.

3.     Adjust Size

Size becomes something important when you decide to buy an oven. This is because ovens need a certain number of places to function properly. You can choose a small steam oven if you have a minimalist kitchen.

Don’t ever choose an oven size that is bigger than your kitchen space because later you will be confused when using it. But if you only have a narrow kitchen and still need a large steam oven, then you can find a place that suits your size. Just get rid of some utensils that can be stored in a place other than the kitchen so that your steam oven can be used smoothly.

4.     Check the Cooking Programs Offered

The purpose of the cooking program is the setting in the steam oven to cook something. For example, if you want to cook grilled chicken, then you can choose the roast chicken program settings that are already available in the steam oven.

By choosing a program that is already in the oven, you don’t need to reset it because the cooking process will run automatically without needing to adjust the temperature. This certainly makes it easier for you to cook faster. However, if you don’t like automatic programs because you are worried that they may not match what you expect, then you can also choose a manual cooking program.

You can find a quality steam oven anywhere. By paying attention to how to choose a steam oven above, you will get the best product according to your needs.