Best Washer Dryer Combo Australia 2020

A washer dryer combo is very convenient especially when you have a limited space. But which one should you choose from?

Based on our research, this is the list of the Best Washer Dryer Combo in Australia 2020 in order based on the rank:

  1. LG 10kg – 6kg Combo Washer Dryer
  2. LG 9kg – 5kg Combo Washer Dryer
  3. Fisher & Paykel 8.5 kg – 5 kg Combo Washer Dryer
  4. Samsung 8.5 kg – 6kg Combo Washer Dryer

1. LG 10kg – 6kg Combo Washer Dryer

Best Washer Dryer Combo Australia 2020

We choose this washer dryer combo as the best because:

  • Best value for money. It has a big washing capacity of 10kg and a drying capacity of 6kg, although the machine’s dimension is just the same as others. With a similar price range, you can only get a washer dryer combo with a smaller capacity.
  • The most energy-efficient washer dryer combo. The washer has a 5-star energy rating, and the dryer has a 4-star energy rating. Others only have 4 stars or less for the washer, and 3 stars for the dryer.
  • It can automatically choose the optimal wash motions based on the weight of the load and the fabric softness with its AI Direct Drive technology
  • The maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm, makes your clothes dry quicker.
  • This machine also has a TurboClean 360-degree feature. It can wash a half load of lightly soiled clothes in only 39 minutes, using 4 water jets.
  • It replicates the hand-washing motion for an outstanding clean and care of your clothes.
  • Along with the Steam feature, the ‘Allergy Care’ cycle will kill and wash away the allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, and pollen up to 99.9%.
  • Is quiet, reliable, and durable with the Inverter Direct Drive Motor makes less moving parts.
  • You can start and monitor your washer dryer anywhere, even when you are not at home, using a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ app. You can also track energy consumption, as well as diagnose and see the troubleshoot issues.

2. LG 9kg – 5kg Combo Washer Dryer

LG 9kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer  WVC5-1409W
LG 9kg – 5kg Combo Washer Dryer

This washer dryer combo has the same features as the 10kg – 6kg one discussed above, except that this one is cheaper as it has a lesser capacity: 9kg for the washer, and 5kg for the dryer.

It is rated 4.5 stars for the water usage, a 4.5-star energy rating for the wash, and 4 stars for the dry.

3. Fisher & Paykel 8.5 kg – 5 kg Combo Washer Dryer

Fisher & Paykel 8.5 kg – 5kg Combo Washer Dryer

This washer and combo dryer is also impressive because:

  • It has a 5-star water rating. It is also an energy-efficient machine with a 4-star energy rating for the wash, and 3.5 stars for the dry.
  • It can wash and dry an average load in under three hours. With its Hot spin technology, which reduces the moisture content, it saves time and energy.
  • You can add a garment even after you start the wash cycle.

However we put it as the 3rd best because:

  • At the time of writing, the price is the same as the LG one with 10kg washing capacity and 6kg drying capacity. This Fisher & Paykel only has a washing capacity of 8.5 kg and a drying capacity of 5 kg.
  • Less energy efficient than the LG one
  • No steam feature
  • You cannot start and monitor the machine when you are not next to the machine

4. Samsung 8.5 kg – 6kg Combo Washer Dryer

Samsung 8.5 kg – 6kg Combo Washer Dryer

We are impressed by this washer dryer combo because of:

  • With its QuickDrive technology, it washes the clothes up to half the time with 20% less energy, but gently.
  • With the steam feature, it removes up to 99.99% of certain common bacteria
  • You can add more items even after you start the wash (under certain conditions).
  • The AirWash Technology deodorises and refreshes your clothes
  • It can wash, rinse, and spin a load in 54 minutes if you choose a Speed Wash, and dry it for an extra 126 minutes.
  • For stubborn stains, use the Bubble Soak function for intensive stain removal
  • It can clean by itself, with its Eco Drum Clean. It also notifies you when it needs cleaning.
  • Quiet wash, with its digital inverter motor. It comes with 11 year parts warranty. 1 year longer than most of other machine.
  • 16 wash programs to choose from

It has water rating of 4.5 star and energy rating of 4 star.

Average customer rating based on Google: 4.4 out of 5.

But because of the price, we put this washer dryer combo at 4th position. Although you can check the price by clicking the button below. Who knows it is on sale.

How To Choose A Washer Dryer Combo

Finding out how to choose a washer dryer combo is a fairly easy matter. You can choose a combe washer-dryer according to your needs. Every choice that is present will make work easier for you every day.

Even though it is provided in a variety of choices, you can choose whichever type you can choose according to your needs and financial capabilities. For that, you can pay attention to the following tips if you want to choose a washer dryer combo.

1.     Adjust Size

When you want to buy a washer dryer combo, you have to choose a machine size that matches the size of your place at home. You have to know what size space you will use to store the washer dryer combo before deciding to go buy it.

Make sure to measure the place so that when you arrive at the shop you are not confused about the size of the machine you are going to buy. If your storage space is tight, you should choose a small combo washer dryer. If you want a large machine, then you have to prepare a large storage area.

2.     Check Capacity

For the washer dryer combo that you buy, you have to choose the capacity size that suits your needs. You can choose a machine that has a large capacity if your washing needs are large. Large capacity is perfect for clothes that are piled up or washing activities that you usually do once a week.

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When you pile up laundry and only clean it once a week, then large capacity is more suitable for you. But if you have a little need, then a small capacity for you.

3.     Buy Where You Can Trust

When deciding to buy a washer dryer combo, you have to buy it in a trusted place. Buying it at a trusted place will make you get goods that are guaranteed quality. Even a trusted shop will provide a better service for you. All your needs will be met at a trusted sales place.

The product you buy will have better quality and authenticity. Buying at a trusted place will keep you from kw or fake products that are usually sold for profit by traders.

4.     Adjust Prices With Ability

Every product you buy, you have to adjust to your abilities, including this washer dryer combo. You can buy a machine at a price that suits your abilities. Even if you have to buy a product at a low price, make sure to choose a product that is still of high quality.

Currently, there are many kinds of products that are priced at affordable prices and of superior quality. You can choose a brand that offers a variety of affordable products with quality that is not cheap. For that, make sure to choose the best brand that presents the best product.

After you know how to choose a washer dryer combo, you can choose the best machine suitable for your needs. Anything you need, you can find the best product in several brands. Make sure your choice is the best for you.

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