Best Pressure Washers in Australia 2021

Are you looking for the best pressure washers in Australia?

These are the pressure washers we recommend:

Best Electric Pressure Washer: Cloumoncy High Pressure Washer

Best Cheap Pressure Washer: Bosch High Pressure Washer Easy Aquatak 100

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Best Electric Pressure Washer

Cloumoncy High Pressure Washer

We like this electric pressure washer because although it is cheaper than most pressure washers, it is powerful (3900 PSI with 270 bar). So you can use it for heavy-duty purposes such as cleaning your sidewalk, garden, swimming pool, or light-duty such as for cleaning your car.

It comes with 5m electric cord, 10m high pressure hose, a built in detergent tank, and 5 various nozzles. You will also get a brush and a cleaning pin.

You can choose the colour in blue, green, or red.

Best Cheap Pressure Washer

Bosch High Pressure Washer Easy Aquatak 100

With a cost of a fraction of other high-pressure washers, this made in Germany pressure washer is one of the best selling pressure washers. Bosch is a well-known brand for its quality and durability.

This pressure cleaner is light (less than 4 kg), compact and portable. It is easy to use and to set up.

It comes with a high-pressure detergent nozzle, which quickly applies the soap hence reduces cleaning time.

You can use this pressure cleaner to clean various items such as cars, bicycles, or garden furniture. The nozzle can be adjusted by 360 degrees, so you can clean dirt on a hard to reach places.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty use, as the pressure is not that strong (only 1450 PSI / 100 bar)
  • 3m hose length

How to Choose a Pressure Washer

In this current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness is an important thing that must be kept in mind and needs to be the main concern. Not only in the context of washing hands, using hand sanitizers, and spraying items using disinfectants on a regular basis, cleanliness during the current pandemic means we also need to pay attention to environmental cleanliness, especially cleanliness at home.

One of the tools we can use to keep clean at home is a pressure washer. Actually, the pressure washer itself is a cleaning tool that uses high pressure from water to perform its function. Pressure washer is very good for cleaning floors that full of mud and dirt, because it will make it easier and faster for you to clean them. With this good pressure washer performance, it can be used to clean furniture, yards, and even motorized vehicles.

Now, after we discuss what a pressure washer is and some of the advantages of having it, let’s discuss how to choose a good pressure washer. Here are the tips, please read carefully.

In general, there are 2 types of pressure washers that you can choose from. The first is an electric pressure washer and the second is a gas pressure washer. Either electric or gas pressure washer, both are fine, depending on your needs.

1. Electric Pressure Washer

Maybe for those of you who want to save money but need a pressure washer, this type of pressure washer is perfect for you. Electric pressure washers are sold at a relatively cheaper price than gas pressure washers. In addition, the electric pressure washer also causes less disturbing noise, is cleaner, and also less heavy when compared to gas pressure washer.

However, the electric pressure washer is less practical because the model is less portable. In addition, when compared to gas powered pressure washers, electric pressure washers seem to be powerless. Therefore, this type of pressure washer is more suitable for you to use in light homework, such as cleaning grills, furniture, and wall cladding.

2. Diesel Pressure Washer

This type of pressure washer is suitable for those of you who want to invest your money in cleaning tools with high mobility. You can use gas pressure washer for heavy work, such as cleaning sidewalks, decks, and so on. However, always remember to take good care of your pressure washer, such as paying attention to the fuel needed to avoid damage.

Once you have decided what kind of power washer you want to buy, you also need to remember that power intensity is also an important factor. Pressure washers with high PSI and GPM pressures will be able to clean properly and quickly. For example:

1. Light-Duty

Light-duty pressure washer is perfect for you to do small jobs at home, such as cleaning furniture, vehicles, to the grill. They are light in size and generally have speeds between 1300- and 1900-PSI at 2-GPM.

2. Medium-Duty

Furthermore, the medium-duty pressure washer is perfect for those of you who need a pressure washer in your shop. This type of pressure washer is stronger than light-duty and can help properly clean exterior walls, fences, walkways and exterior areas. This pressure washer delivers between 2000- and 2800-PSI at 2- to 3-GPM.

3. Heavy-Duty and Extra-Heavy-Duty

In this type of washers, the pressure will be around 2800-PSI and higher at 3 to 4-GPM. Due to its high pressure, this pressure washer is capable of many tough cleaning jobs, such as removing graffiti, stripping paint, and washing two-storey houses.