Quietest Fridges in Australia 2021

Are you worried that your fridge makes a lot of noise? These days with the latest technology, the fridges are not as loud as before. The quietest fridge in Australia would be LG fridges with Inverter Linear Compressor. It emits around 22dB of noise, equivalent to the sound level of a quiet bedroom. It has … Read more

Best Induction Cooktop Australia 2021

An Induction Cooktop transfers heat through the electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface. Hence it heats up quickly but at the same time is cool to touch. But which is the best induction cooktop in Australia? We have done the research for you and compile the list as follow: Best 60 cm Induction Cooktop: … Read more

Best Freestanding Dishwasher in Australia 2021 – With Detailed Reviews and Comparison.

Are you looking for the best freestanding dishwasher? We have done 2-days extensive research, and come with this list of Best Freestanding Dishwashers in Australia: Best Overall Freestanding Dishwasher: Bosch Serie 6 Most Efficient Dishwasher: SMEG 60cm Dishwasher Quietest Dishwasher: LG QuadWash Matte Black Stainless Steel Dishwasher and LG QuadWash Matte Black TrueSteam Dishwasher Best … Read more

Best Indoor and Outdoor Projector Screens in Australia 2021

Are you looking for the best projector screen in Australia? Check our recommendations: Cheapest Projector Screen: Yisiga 120 inches Projector Screen Best Outdoor Projector Screen: Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Smallest Projector Screen: Pyle 40″ Projector Screen Best Projector Screen for Home Theatre: Randy & Travis Electric Motorised Home Theatre Projector Screen 100″ Cheapest Projector … Read more

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Best Pedestal Fans in Australia 2021

Summer is here. A pedestal fan would be easy to use, and is normally cheaper than a cooler or a portable air conditioner. Pedestal fans are also more powerful than tower fan and give more airflow. But which pedestal fan is good? These are the pedestal fans we recommend: De’longhi 360° Pedestal Cooling Fan Sunbeam … Read more

Best Cheap Clothes Dryers Australia 2021 Under $500

You don’t need to spend much on a dryer. You can get a terrific cheap clothes dryer in Australia for under $500. But which one is the best cheap dryer in Australia 2021? We have done the research for you and came with this list. Electrolux 6kg Sensor Dryer Haier 6kg Vented Dryer Fisher & … Read more

Best Ice Cream Makers in Australia 2021

Are you looking for the best ice cream maker machine in Australia? Who doesn’t like ice cream, especially when it’s a hot day? However, it seems like it would be even more fun if we could make our own ice cream. If you are interested in making your own ice cream according to your taste, … Read more