Best Curtains in Australia That Are Sold Online

Are you looking for a recommendation or idea on choosing curtain? Check these out.

Best Blockout Curtains For Living Room and Large Windows

We choose this as the best blockout curtains as it 100% blocking the sunlight and UV ray. It also reduces noise and is thermal blocking with multiple layers of foam coating. It is suitable for sliding door, patio door, and any large window.

Best Blockout Curtains for Bedroom

This blockout curtain blocks out 85% sunlight, so your bedroom can still get some sunlight during the day while keeping your privacy. With the high technology, it is also breathable and airy to your window and rooms. It also insulates thermal, is energy efficient (by keeping warm air in the winter and cool in the summer) and noise reducing. With 8 years warranty. You can put in the washing machine with cold water to clean it.

Best Curtain for Nursery and Kids Room

Your girls will love this curtain with Frozen 2 design. This curtain allows some sunlight in, while keeping privacy. You can also wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer. No ironing is required as the material is wrinkle-resistant.


This curtain with glitter stars is made with hypoallergenic material. It is constructed with interwoven thermal technology without any chemical coating. It keeps warm air in the winter and cool in the summer. It can block out up to 90% sun light and prevent 100% UV rays.

Best Sheer Curtains

This sheer curtain will make your room looks more stylish. It is not only soft to touch, but also light and airy, and no wrinkles.

How To Choose A Curtain

Curtains become part of the house that supports the interior. The wrong choice of curtains will make the house look bad. To find curtains that suit your needs, you can follow the tips on how to choose a curtain below.

1.     Check the Length and Width

Length and width are a unity that cannot be separated even for a curtain. You have to measure exactly what length and width of curtains you need for your windows. The length of the curtain is very suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

 You can also choose a model that falls right on the floor for a more modern look. If you want a more dramatic impression, you can choose a longer size so that the curtains are pooled on the floor.

However, a curtain that has a length above the floor is also the right choice to avoid bad things that might happen. You have to measure the width of the curtain to make it look tidier and more organized. The width of your window or door glass mould can be a benchmark for you to measure the width of your curtain.

2.     Choose the Right Fabric

Materials can affect the appearance of the curtains and also the room that you will get. You can choose fabrics from light lace, light cotton, heavy brocade to thick velvet. You can choose any material for your needs. The choice of fabric is based on the intensity of sunlight and the decoration model you want.

You can choose thick fabric for a room style that looks classic or traditional. Meanwhile, the selection of a thin fabric is more suitable for use in a minimalist style room.

If you want the room to get more sunlight, you are also better off choosing the type of fabric that is hollow or thin. Whatever your choice, you can adjust everything according to your needs and tastes.

3.     Match the Color

The presence of curtains can help you to strengthen the model or impression that you want to highlight in a room. For that, you should choose a certain colour that matches what you are stretching. You can even choose curtains that match the colour of the room decoration you choose.

For a more focused look, you can choose a colour that contrasts with the room. If you want a natural and calm impression, then you can choose neutral and soft colours.

The choice of plain or pastel colours is perfect for those of you who like an elegant style. For those of you who have a cheerful personality, the choice of bright colours is perfect for you to apply to the room curtains.

4.     Accessories

Curtains have supporting accessories that also give the room a more attractive impression. The presence of a curtain tie back is the right thing to enhance the impression you want to show. You can adjust the back of the curtain tie to the style you choose.

Choosing the right trim can also add to the appeal of the curtain. You can choose decorative tufted fabrics that are placed at the top of the window for added embellishment. You can even choose the curtain accessories that are offered according to the model you choose.

No matter what style you want, make sure to follow the tips on how to choose a curtain above to get a product that suits your taste.