Best Kettles in Australia 2021

Have a passion for making tea? Well, you need a kettle to fulfill your interest. The kettle is the most useful tool and is most widely used by people in the kitchen to make tea. Of course, each person uses a different kettle.

The question is, is the kettle you choose suitable? Choosing a kettle is not as easy as turning your palm, because if you choose the wrong kettle, you will have to waste a lot of time waiting for your tea to boil. Not to mention when the kettle makes a loud noise. Of course this is very disturbing, right?

Here are our recommendations of the best kettle in Australia:

Best Electric Kettle and Quietest Kettle: Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle

Best Kettle with Temperature Control: Russell Hobbs Addison Kettle

Best Cheap Kettle: Kambrook Pour with Ease

Best Electric Kettle and Quietest Kettle

Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle

Russell Hobbs has been rated as the best kettle in Canstar Blue’s reviews in 2019 and 2020, with five-star ratings for boiling performance, functions & features, ease of use, quietness, design, and overall satisfaction. No wonder that this kettle is one of the best selling kettles in Australia.

This Russel Hobbs kettle is equipped with Quiet Boil Technology. It is also specially designed for a perfect pour, ensuring no dripping. You can remove the anti scale filter.

It comes with the color-coded face of the thermometer so that you can get the right temperature for the right type of tea.

It comes with a industrial but yet modern design, with 2 choices of colour: black or copper.

1.7L capacity. Enough to make tea for a family.


  • Quieter than other kettles, but you cannot expect 100% silent
  • Slightly more expensive than other kettles

Best Kettle with Temperature Control

Russell Hobbs Addison Kettle

If you would like to choose the temperature of the hot water, we recommend this Addison Kettle, another quality kettle from Russell Hobbs. It is also one of the best sellers.

The price is not that much more expensive than other kettles. But you can choose any of the 5 temperature setting. It even has Keep Warm function.

It is equipped LED illumination buttons, make it easier when it is dark.

It also has removable anti-scale filter, which you can put it in the dishwasher, protecting your tea from lime scale.

This kettle has 360° Swivel Base so easy to rotate, and has a large capacity of 1.7L, enough to make a tea for you and your family or friends.


  • With the stainless steel design, it is easy to get fingerprint marks.

Best Cheap Kettle

Kambrook Pour with Ease

For under $25 you can get this kettle that does not look cheap.

With its dual water windows you can see how much water the kettle has left. It is also with removable scale filter, makes it easy to clean and maintain. Made from BPA-free materials, which is safe for the family.


Coming from your worries about choosing the wrong kettle, here we provide some tips for you so you can choose the type of kettle that suits your criteria, and of course it doesn’t disturb your comfort. Here are the factors you need to consider before buying a kettle.

1. Capacity

Just like choosing other kitchen utensils, you are strongly advised to consider the capacity of the kettle. Typically, kettle capacities vary, from 1.5 liters to 1.7 liters of water. The size of one cup usually contains 250 mL. You need to pay attention to how many glasses you can make from boiling the water.

2. Design

Trust me, you won’t like an item whose design doesn’t suit your taste. So, choose a kettle design that you like and don’t rush, because later you will regret it.

Usually, there is a kettle with a jug and dome type. This type of kettle also has a high size and has a handle on the side of the kettle. Jug kettles are generally able to hold a large amount of water, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much water in them.

Meanwhile, the kettle with the dome model is old-fashioned and traditional. Usually, electric dome kettles have lift-off lids. In addition, this tool has a handle on the top and a smaller capacity than the kettle with the jug model.

3. Speed

Touching on our problem at the beginning, you certainly don’t like to boil water for a long time, right? Yes, therefore you need the speed factor as your consideration in choosing a kettle. However, if you have no problem boiling water for a long time and giving a lot of energy, then you can choose a lower wattage kettle.

4. Noise

A factor that is not too important but really disturbs the comfort is the noise when the water is boiling about to boil. Typically, a kettle with a high wattage makes more noise. So, if you have a problem with the noise, avoid this kettle.

5. Features in Kettle

You really need to consider the features of the kettle before you buy. There are several useful features for you to consider, such as a water level indicator, multi-temperature, kettle weight, smart features, filters, safety, to boil dry protection. Make sure the features in the kettle that you need are in the kettle you buy.

6. Price

Another factor that is no less important for you to think about is price. Kettle prices vary considerably, from $30 to over $ 100. As in general, choose the best kettle according to your needs and budget circumstances.