Best Outdoor Play Equipment Australia 2020 under $1000

With the beautiful sunny weather, it’s time for your kids to have some outdoor play. Would be nice to have outdoor play equipment at your backyard, so you don’t need to worry when the government closes the common playground when there is a health restriction.

You don’t need to spend thousand of dollars for an outdoor play equipment. Look at these ones we pick for you:

Your kids would love this Slide & Splash. They can have fun jumping on the bouncy area, slide, or playing water in the pool. It also comes with a water gun that can fill up the pool area, and a basketball ring. You can easily pack it away when it is not used.

Your kids can have fun with the boat and sandpit safely from the sun damage. It comes with the nylon ground sheet, which helps to prevent sand all over your garden and to prevent grass from growing up into your sand.

Look at this playhouse! Your kids will love it. It is just like a real house, with a gate, door, mail slot, doorbell, and dual planter boxes where they can grow real flowers. Inside the house, they can find a bay window inset with a sink, stove, and utensils for them to pretend cooking. Or if they prefer to be outdoor, there is a covered patio with a BBQ grill. You can also store some toys in the playhouse. And best of all, this playhouse is under $1000.

You can buy this double swing and glider play made from premium New Zealand pine for under $500. It is suitable for kids between 3 to 10 years old.

For the little one, they can have fun on this outdoor slide with basketball ring.

How To Choose Outdoor Play Equipment

When deciding to buy outdoor play equipment, you have to consider many things because they involve children. You can follow some of the tips on how to choose outdoor play equipment below to find the right product.

1.     Decide where you will put the equipment

Outdoor toys will be used outdoors. You have to prepare which location is appropriate for this equipment. Previously, you have to know how much equipment size and area it will use. A perfectly sized space will provide plenty of open space for play as your child grows.

Make sure the distance between the outdoor toy equipment and the house is not too far away to facilitate supervision. You also put it in the shade to make it safer from the hot sun.

2.     Choose the Right Material Type

Safety is a top priority in choosing outdoor play equipment because children use it every day. You can consider the various types of materials available to increase the security obtained. Wooden play equipment is the best choice with a classic style and strong quality.

However, you also have to be diligent about repainting each time the colour looks faded. There are also playing equipment made of metal. Equipment like this has higher strength and resistance. Construction materials that use metal are always powder coated to prevent rust.

However, this type of play equipment overheats very easily and can cause burns on the skin of children. There are also play equipment made of vinyl. Vinyl fittings are stronger and more flexible. Vinyl play equipment will look rugged, durable, rust-free and still perform well all year round.

3.     Pay Attention To Age

All outdoor play equipment is a tool that is always used by children wherever they are. Playgrounds and baby swings are great fun for even the youngest preschoolers.

Meanwhile, for older children who require stronger motor skills, you can choose the appropriate play equipment such as trapeze bars, rock walls, and cargo nets. Elementary school children are more suited to this type of game because they will begin to develop knowledge and are adventurous.

You should suit the equipment you choose with the age of the children you have. If you choose the wrong equipment, they will not interest in the equipment and your purchase is waste.

4.     Choose based on your Kids’ Personality and Interests

Whenever you buy play equipment, be sure to pay attention to the child’s personality condition. You have to know whether the child prefers a quiet playground or prefers an adventure play area.

You must be able to understand the child’s personality so that the toy equipment you buy can function optimally. Children will be more interested in what he likes. Through the outdoor play equipment that you buy, they will explore what they have.

You can even practice the skills and talents of children through the outdoor play equipment that you install. Make sure children are more developed with the presence of interesting play tools. Your child will grow up with a piece of play equipment in an enjoyable way.

To provide even more benefits, buying play equipment is something that is needed. You can follow the tips on how to choose to play outdoor equipment above to get the right tool.