Best Portable Fridges in Australia 2021 Under $500

Are you looking to keep your food and drinks cool and not stale during long trips while you are on vacation? You may find it difficult if you don’t have a portable refrigerator that you should be able to carry in your car.

If you need a tool to keep your food and drinks cold, then a portable fridge will be the right answer. A portable fridge is a refrigeration device that draws energy from the car, and usually takes 12 volts of voltage to keep your food and drinks cold.

The question is, what kind of portable fridge is good? There will be a large variety of styles, colors, prices, and all other characteristics that will be found on the market.

Here are portable fridges that we recommend under $500:

  1. Kings Camping Portable Fridge
  2. Freeze-Way 45L Portable Fridge
  3. Devanti 48L Portable Mini Bar Fridge

1. Kings Camping Portable Fridge

Kings is a reputable brand for portable fridge.

This Kings portable fridge & freezer available in 45L and 60L.

It uses a genuine Secop BD35F compressor and can be used on 12V, 24V and 240V.

This Adventure Kings fridge has the capability of cooling down up to -18°C.

With the extra thick EVA seals and casing insulation, it can be incredibly efficient at holding temperature.

It even can be reversed to suit any position inside your vehicle.


  • Heavy (17.8kg for 45L).

2. Freeze-Way 45L Car Portable Fridge

This is another recommended portable fridge freezer under $500 with 45L capacity.

It has overload protection as well as power reverse connect protection, with automatic cut-off system and customizable voltage setting.

This portable fridge freezer comes with Australian standard power adaptor, which can be connected to work on a home power point or to be used in car our outdoor with 12V/24V power points.

It can cool up to -20°C.


  • Heavy (13.5 kg)

3. Devanti 48L Portable Mini Bar Fridge

If you are looking for a portable fridge that is cheap and does the job, you might like this portable mini bar fridge. You can buy it for under $200.

It is small size, but it has the capacity of 48 litres.

You can put it in any indoor area, such as offices, homes or cafes, or outdoors.

It can cool up to 0°C.

You can choose temperature using the temperature control, any choice of 6 levels.


  • Only cool up to 0°C.
  • Some purchasers think it is noisy.


Should You Choose Two-Way Compressor or Three-Way Absorption Portable Fridge?

A. Two-Way Compressor

For a portable fridge that uses a two-way compressor, the principle works almost the same as the refrigerator in your home. In a two-way fridge, the same compressor system is used as the refrigerator in your home. Typically, a two-way compressor portable fridge will use a 12 volt battery, which means it is very dependent on electricity. Two-way compressor fridges are popular for just about any purpose, because they don’t take up a lot of current.

Because this type is a different compressor model from the gas type, it is necessary to charge the battery regularly. Other advantages of this two-way compressor fridge are its good performance even at high temperatures, can also be used as a freezer, can work on uneven terrain, and is designed to use low currents as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, the downside is that it would be risky if you set a consistent temperature if things were the opposite, to the point where the AC adapter has to be purchased separately on the market.

B. Three-way Absorption

For this portable fridge model, this one usually uses LPG, whether it’s using 12 volts or 240 volts. In addition, this type does not use a battery charge, but uses an exchange of gas heat flow. Compared to two-way compressors, this type of portable fridge doesn’t make any noise, so it doesn’t interfere with comfort.

Another advantage of this portable fridge model is that it has a wide variety of resources so it’s easy to find, it can work for several weeks with a full gas content, and you usually don’t have to mess with a dual-battery system. Meanwhile, the drawback itself is that it requires a little skill because it must be level when you use it, the result will not be efficient when using 12 volts, and it does not have the performance as good as compressor fridges.

Features to Consider

1. Current Drain

You need to consider a portable fridge that uses a low current, which refers to the battery life and the life of your portable fridge. Remember to keep it in the 2-4 amps range, to avoid the quantity being too high or too low.

2. Material

Make sure your portable fridge is made of strong and tough materials, such as metal or materials that can be used for heavy work such as plastic and fiberglass. All you need to remember, make sure the material quality of your portable fridge is good enough to be able to withstand the luggage.

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