Best Ride On Car and Motorbikes Australia 2020

Does your child like to ride a car or a bike? This ride-on cars and motorbikes will be a memorable gift for them. I am sure they will remember until they are grown-up.

Best Ride On Cars and Motorbikes:

Semere Kids

Replicate the BMW X series, this luxurious ride on car also has a four wheel suspension. Perfect for ‘off road driving’ in your backyard! It also comes with headlights and reversing lights. And even your child can listen to the built-in songs and stories when they drive. You can connect to MP3 and USB too.

For safety, it comes with a safety lock for the doors, as well as a three-point safety belt. You can also control the car within 10m.

Bentley Kids Ride-On Car

Your kids can now drive a ‘Bentley’ even when they are 3 years old or older! This is an officially replica of Bentley EXP 12.

It also comes with built-in songs and stories, doors with safety locks, and a three-point safety belt. You can control the car within 20m.

BMW Kids Ride On Motorbike

BMW Kids' Ride-On Motorbike
BMW Kids Ride On Motorbike

Do your kids prefer a motorbike? Check this sporty one. It is an officially licensed BMW replica. With 25W twin motor. Your kid also can listen to the built-in music.

It is equipped with safety features: anti slip tyres and headlights.

Deo Ride-On Dump Truck

Deo Ride-On Dump Truck
Deo Dump Truck

Or do you want just an affordable but unique ride-on vehicle for your kids? With this ride-on truck, your kids can use the bucket lever to push, scoop or dig sand. It also comes with a storage compartment under the seat, so would be handy when you want to bring something like a cap when playing outdoor.

Buzzy Bloom Go Kart

Buzzy Bloom Go-Kart
Buzzy Bloom Go Kart

How about a go kart for your kids? This go-kart is suitable for children aged 2- 5 years, according to the site.

How To Choose A Ride On Car/Motorbike

You should find how to choose a ride on car/motorbike because the world of children is all fun. This does not rule out the possibility for them to learn to ride like riding a bicycle, motorbike, or car. To fulfill this need, a motorbike or car is specially designed for children. So, to provide a special vehicle for quality children, you must pay attention to several necessary things. Here are tips on how to choose a ride on car/motorbike for children.

1.     Pay Attention to Quality

Quality comes first, especially for children. Choosing a quality children’s car or motorbike will make you calmer when they ride it. Why is that? Of course, because a quality product has a higher level of safety than ordinary products.

You can ensure the quality of the products you buy by paying attention to the materials used. You can also ensure the quality of the shop you buy. A trusted seller will never sell a bad item. You can buy at a place where your trust is guaranteed to get a quality car or motorbike.

2.     Choose Size According to Child’s Age and Height

The best tips when going to buy something, of course, must be adjusted to the age of development. If it is a car or motorbike, age is not only considered, but you can add it to adjust the size according to the child’s height. Don’t let you buy items that are too big or too small for children. This will make it difficult for children during use.

3.     Check Weights

The materials used by a car or motorbike, besides having an impact on price, also affect durability to weight. This will also affect use by children. In general, the materials used are made of steel or aluminium. Products made of steel are usually heavier than aluminium.

A car or motorbike that is too heavy will make it difficult for children to carry it here and there. It would be nice if you choose a lightweight material so that your children will have more freedom when driving it or when setting it up.

4.     Choose Safety Features

The presence of car or motorbike products is usually accompanied by a variety of interesting features. Well, you can choose products with features that are easy to use and help the driving process for children.

Besides, you also have to make sure the security features provided can guarantee the safety of drivers who are especially children. You can check the function of each feature, especially the brakes, at the initial purchase. Don’t let the items you buy have features that don’t work.

Moreover, if the brake does not work, then the children will be threatened with safety. For that, make sure all features are functioning properly when making purchases wherever you buy them.

Those are some tips on how to choose a ride on car/motorbike for children that is right and safe. When you decide to buy these items, be sure to pay attention to the tips above so that the items you buy don’t disappoint anyone, especially children. Because what you buy is a car or motorbike for your child, then you have to ensure quality for safety during use. Always remember that child safety comes first.