Quietest Fridges in Australia 2021

Are you worried that your fridge makes a lot of noise?

These days with the latest technology, the fridges are not as loud as before.

The quietest fridge in Australia would be LG fridges with Inverter Linear Compressor. It emits around 22dB of noise, equivalent to the sound level of a quiet bedroom. It has less vibration, moving parts, and noise than other fridges hence is more durable. That is why LG is confident in giving 10-year parts warranty on the compressor.

But you have to be careful. Not all LG fridges have the Inverter Linear Compressor.

So what are the fridges with LG Inverter Linear Compressor? Here are some of them:

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Price Fridge Capacity Freezer Capacity Energy Rating
454L Bottom Mount Check Here 299L 155L 4.5 star
332L Top Mount Check Here 247L 85L 4 star
516L Top MountExcellent Value Fridge with high customer satisfaction Check Here 361L 155L 4 star
668L Side by Side One of the Popular Fridges with Non- Plumbed Ice & Water Dispenser Check Here 422L 246L 3 star
594L French Door Check Here 344L 250L 3 star

LG 454L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

LG 454L Bottom Mount Refrigerator  GB-455PL
LG 454l Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This is one of the LG best seller fridges in Australia. It comes as no surprise, with a more affordable price, 4.5-star energy rating, and a sleek modern finish.

With the 2-step folding shelf you can store tall items

It cools from front and back. Even the items stored at the back of the door get the direct cold air from the air vents located in the front ceiling.


  • Energy efficient (4.5 star energy rating)
  • Quiet
  • Available in 4 colour options: stainless steel, black, matte black, or white
  • Lots of space
  • Nice design
  • Has smart diagnosis feature
  • Only 700mm wide. Can fit most kitchen
  • Have 2 step folding shelf to store tall items


  • Bottom shelf of the door rack only fits short items

Best Bottom Mount Fridges in Australia

LG 332L Top Mount Refrigerator

LG 332L Top Mount Refrigerator

If you prefer a top mount refrigerator, this can be your option. It is also one of the best selling quiet fridges with excellent customer ratings (4.7 out of 5.0 according to Google).

The LGs Inverter Linear Compressor maintains the temperature, hence maintain the appearance and the taste of fresh produce.

It also cools from front and back, to keep food fresher for longer.

Moreover, this fridge comes with DoorCooling system. Items stored in the door area can cool up to 35% faster than those without Door Cooling.


  • Energy efficient (4 star energy rating)
  • Quiet
  • Only 600mm wide. Can fit most kitchen


  • Only available in stainless steel colour

LG 516L Top Mount Refrigerator

LG 516L Top Mount Refrigerator

This is one of the best value top mount refrigerators. With under $1100 you can get this energy-efficient fridge with 516 litre capacity with many useful features.

It is available in Stainless Steel or White. The white one is cheaper.

Like other newer LG refrigerators, this one also comes with LG Inverter Linear Compressor, which is quieter than other fridges and keep foods longer as it maintains the temperature.

With the Smart Diagnosis, the refrigerator can tell what the issue is when there is any. But you will need a compatible smartphone.


  • Good value for money (especially the white colour one)
  • Quiet
  • Energy efficient (4-star energy rating)
  • With Linear Compressor, which is quieter and more durable than a normal compressor
  • Big capacity for a top mount refrigerator. Even the fridge capacity is similar to french door fridges, which are more expensive.


  • Bottom rack on the door cannot fit tall bottles

LG 668L Side by Side Refrigerator

LG 668L Side by Side Refrigerator

If you prefer a quiet side by side refrigerator, this LG 668 litre fridge is the answer.

It is a popular refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser. The design of the dispenser makes it easy to fill tall containers. The ice system is built into the fridge door, so you can still have plenty of storage. And best of all, no plumbing is required. You can enjoy the ice and water dispenser feature even if you do not have the water connection for the fridge. There is a water canister inside of the fridge, which can be removed for easy filing.

This is a smart fridge. You can adjust temperature settings of the fridge even when you are not in front of the fridge, using a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ app.

LG 594L French Door Refrigerator

LG 594L French Door Refrigerator

Love a quiet french door refrigerator? Look at this fridge. It fits into 85cm wide alcoves. But don’t judge the fridge from its width. It has a storage capacity of 594 litre.

This LG 594L French Door refrigerator also has a Pure-N-Fresh air deodorisation system to control food adours.

The built-in wifi allows you to change the setting even when you are not in front of the fridge, through Smart ThinQ app, which can be used on a compatible Android or iOS smartphone.

With such feature and 4.6 average rating out of 5.0 (source: Google), no wonder it is one of the best selling French Door refrigerator.

There are other LG fridges that are not mentioned above. You can check it here.